Sunday, October 6, 2013

Random Saturday

Yesterday was a fun and random day.  Maggie had friends spend the night and everyone got up early for waffles.  It was a shockingly easy meal and easy clean up.  I vote waffles over pancakes always now!  Gabby met Lesley at her house and they went to Home Depot where it was home safety day and they had a blast (see pics below)!  I took Maggie and a couple of friends to the Durango "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" fair where we had facials and sampled food and looked at jewelry and bags and clothes.  We met some other friends there and had a great couple of hours with no boys!  Our afternoon was one of napping (Gabby) and playing outside (Dax & Tiki).  It was a nice relaxing and fun day without thinking of the other stresses the week days seem to bring.
This is Gabby with Officer Peterson (her Durango celebrity crush--she wants to marry him)
Facials with my friend, Michelle.  This is a magnet mud mask.  It came off with a magnet.  So crazy!
Meanwhile, Andy and Hays are in Washington D.C. where Hays is probably having the time of his life.  He got the opportunity to meet with his Air Force mentor and they got to line out Hays's next three and a half years so that he is ready for an Air Force Academy appointment (fingers crossed).  He got to spend major quality time with his dad.  They got to go to the Air Force vs. Navy football game.  I think he got to go to the US State Department, too as well as meet some very influential DC people.  Wow!  What a great experience for my boy!
Hays with his mentor.

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