Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Mother-In-Law

I know that I have a great MIL.  I've always known that (she was actually on the "pro" list when I was figuring out Andy long term).  But this weekend (yesterday) I just got really overwhelmed by just how amazing she is.  She loves me and I know that!

Friday night I had my first ever launch call for these health products and several thousand people saw that I was having that call--many good friends, some family and a zillion acquaintances.  Who supported me on my call?  BeBe.  My mother-in-law.  She didn't need to.  She wasn't there to really learn about the products as much as she was there just to support me.  Out of the hundreds of thousands of things she has selflessly done for me over the past 20 years, Friday night really spoke to me.  Then Saturday she drove out of her way on her way out of town to buy me special yarn so that I can braid Gabby's hair (it is hard to get here).  She knew I needed it before school pictures and she was happy to do it.  So, thanks, Beebs!

I love you so much.  I'm so thankful for you and I'm so thankful for those two small reminders of how much you do love me--like a daughter without that horrible "-in-law" stuff at the end.  

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Misty Rathjen said...

Very cool. Even cooler that you know how blessed you are.