Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Grocery Cart Has Changed

So, when I pulled up to self-check out yesterday, I realized that the items in my grocery cart are drastically different than they used to be.  Yesterday among my groceries was kale, quiona, bell peppers, shrimp, goat cheese, brown rice, lemons, asparagus and many other things very new to me and the best part about this new sight was how excited I was to be cooking and eating these things!

In the past when I have tried to go healthy, I had little to no motivation and my taste buds were not ready for the change.  The best part about the way I am eating now is that I have changed my taste buds and my mind set.  Eating is about being healthy, not about coping with my emotional issues.  Being healthy can be so yummy, but it doesn't have to be for me to chose to eat it.

My new mind set is that I need to eat what is best for my body in the long run.  Thanks to the health and wellness program I have been on, not only have my taste buds changed, but my body has changed and I am so thankful.  I'm not just talking about the 30 pounds I've dropped, but about my tummy.  Now if I ate those nasty foods I used to eat, I'd feel awful and I am so done feeling awful!

I love feeling great.  I love having energy.  I love loosing weight.  I love my body not hurting.  This has been a total transformation and I love it.  I'm learning more about foods and our bodies.  I'm learning what to feed my kids (especially Tiki) and I'm learning the what's and why's of nutrition!  It is fun to be knowledgable.  It is fun to be motivated.  It is fun to set goals and reach them.  It is fun to decide to like new things (or at least to eat them).

Andy is thrilled by all of these new changes and he has jumped on board 100% (he has lost 11 pounds already).  The kids are even excited to do a blind folded taste test of my homemade kale chips vs. chip chips.  (Fingers crossed!)  This is fun!  I feel great!

I know that all of you missed the call I did this weekend, so I know that I'm leaving you with many questions (your own fault).  I'd love to answer any that you may have and I'd love to help you along your journey.  It is more than just weight loss, it is mood and energy and overall health.  Some or all--it just depends on what YOU need.  Keep me posted!

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