Saturday, October 5, 2013

Me & My Girl

Seventeen years ago today Andy proposed to me.  He was in the musical "Me & My Girl" and he proposed after the curtain call--from stage.  (His character was the old man who never told the lady he loved that he loved her until the very end of the show.)  I was so excited and so mortified (I don't do stages).  Poor guy got on one knee and asked me in front of a packed house and I froze. . .he had to come off stage to the row where I was sitting.  It was neat that he chose to propose to me in the theatre where he spent so much time and with all of his theatre friends there cheering him on.  And he was so thoughtful to have much of our extended family there and my college friends (some of whom left their formals to come).  Overall, even though I was so embarrassed, it was a very thoughtful proposal.  Looking back on the pictures makes it even better.  I'm so thankful that he asked and I don't regret saying YES (even though Andy swears that I said, "give me the ring")!  I love you, Andy Braner!
This is kind of a corny picture, but every time I see it, I smile because my face says so much!
I love how happy & excited my mom looks in this picture!
Hugging my Gran'ma
I love how happy BeBe looks in this picture with Andy's Grandma Audrey & my Gran'ma.

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