Friday, October 25, 2013

"Just One"

This week was a fun week with some exciting things happening.  I was a guest on a couple of calls for this health and wellness company I am working for and it was fun--I have loved sharing my story and helping other people just by encouraging them!  Anyway, after my second call, one of the "big wigs" in the company gave me such a meaningful compliment--one that to anyone else may not be a big deal, but to me, in this time, it was huge.  She told me that I "really was a green M&M."  For the rest of the day I found myself in tears because that thoughtful compliment opened up the floodgate of emotions surrounding me missing my Gran'ma. . . .

Here's why:

She and I were having a tea party one morning in her house.  I spent countless mornings at her house (and I can tell from the picture it had been a sleepover the night before).  I'm sure we had stayed up late that night giggling before we finally fell asleep.  I am sure we woke up bright and early so that I could sit by Pappy while he ate the special cereal she baked for him and I ate Apple Jacks.  This first picture is probably mid-tea party and I was asking for "Just One?"  I wanted just one more M&M.
And then this picture captures what my responses was to her, "No."
No wonder why my kids are such fantastic pouters!

These pictures always made Gran'ma and I laugh as we looked back on them and they still do.  But why was the Green M&M compliment such a big deal?  Greens were our favorites!  When I was in college (long before you could head to a candy store and get an entire bag of one color of M&Ms because you pulled this lever and they slid down this tube into your by the pound bag), every once in a while I would receive a bag of just green ones.  Gran'ma would snack on them after work for months and save the green ones for me.  Just typing that sentence bring happy tears to my eyes.  That's love!

So, when I was told that I was a Green M&M, that meant the world to me--much more than that person who gave me that compliment will ever understand!

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