Monday, October 7, 2013

Help Me Help You

If you're one of my consistent readers, then you remember THIS post when I was blogging about how I felt like a dead battery because I was just so exhausted all of the time. . . .

Well, fast forward several weeks and I am feeling exactly the opposite.  Has life gotten less chaotic?  No!  It has actually gotten more hectic and stressful and I feel fantastic!  How?  I'm doing this great new total health program and I just want to share it with everyone!  I know, I sound like a cheese ball, but how can I keep something so great to myself?

The highlights are:
1.  I have so much energy.
2.  My mood is the best ever (and emotionally, things have been tough recently).
3.  I am sleeping better than I ever remember sleeping--sound and restful all night long.
4.  No more migraines (I was having them weekly).
5.  My tummy doesn't hurt (I didn't realize how bad my stomach hurt all of the time until it stopped).
6.  If all of those 5 weren't enough, I have lost 30 pounds and 18 inches!  Fact.  (I was going to post my before and after pics, but I can't yet. . .when I reach my goal, I'll post pics.)

So, I'm going to have two calls this weekend so that I can share all of the details with you.  If you need any of the above, then hop on one of these calls that I'll be hosting.  I can answer your questions and I'll have "experts" on the line who can answer the questions that I can't.  Both calls will be similar, but I'm hosting two so that everyone can hopefully make one of them!

Friday night at 7:30 CST/6:30 MST
Saturday morning at 10:00 CST/9:00 MST
605-475-4000 pin 734259#

If you need energy, call.  If you need to be happier, call.  If you need to sleep better, call.  If you are in any kind of pain, call.  If you have tummy problems, call.  If you want to loose weight, call.  All you need to say yes to is one of the above.  So, call!

I can't wait to have you on the line this weekend!  I want to share this with you!  I want to help you, but you have to call!  Help me help you!

Friday night at 7:30 CST/6:30 MST
Saturday morning at 10:00 CST/9:00 MST
605-475-4000 pin 734259#

P.S. Did I mention that my teen & tween are taking some of the products and their puberty mood swings are GONE!

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