Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Air Force Civil Air Patrol

As I wrote about earlier, Hays had an amazing weekend in Washington D.C. hanging out with Andy and getting to meet some great people in the US Air Force.  He met his USAFA mentor and met one of the recruitment Lieutenant Colonels and he got to go to the Navy vs. Air Force game.  If he hadn't fully caught the USAFA bug when we went to the Academy last month, he has it now!

So, the recruiter suggested that he get involved in his local Air Force Civil Air Patrol unit and we've done the research and made the calls and next week he will join.  I've been researching it online and it seems amazing!  It is a weekly year round program with summer intensives and occasional weekend camps.  They study Leadership, Aerospace, Fitness, Character and Activities (CAP offers weekend and summer activities that allow cadets to fly, learn to lead, explore aerospace careers, assist in CAP's emergency service missions and make friends).  The cadets wear their uniform and everything!  Wow!

I'm so excited for Hays to get to be a part of this program!

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Emily Marriott said...

Is that like air cadets in the UK?