Thursday, October 17, 2013

Adorable Girls Clothing

Hi there.  This is a blog post from one of my best friends.  Please read below!

FLASH SALE!! Handmade girls clothing 

using designer quilting fabric by ME!

I have many loves, one of which is sewing.  Nothing gave me more joy than 
sewing for my little nuggets.  It was so therapeutic for me when they were 
small because it was a very quick, tangible result in a time when there weren't 
many tangible results while raising  small children...those results we reap later
...or at least I hope...know what I'm saying??

But all those cliches are true..." cherish every  moment" ..."it goes by in a blink"
...and so on and so on...

Kai is now 8 and Jet is 6.  Kai loves nothing more than dressing herself in clothes 
that I did not make...=)  It bums me a little but there are so many things in the 
next 10 years I am going to have to say No to that forcing her to wear clothes that 
I've made for her is just not worth the battle... When I'm honest, I have put a lot 
of identity in the way my kids dress because it reflects me..or so I think....I know 
its all right to put your kids in cute clothes if you want but when it becomes an 
idol or an identity issue then maybe it's worth taking a step back and focusing on 
the more important things in their their heart....a novel idea. =)  I may 
just have to deal with not getting props for the clothes Kai is wearing, start making 
her the clothes and blankets for her insanely small stuffed animals she asks for 5 
minutes before we need to walk out the door...and focus more on the kind of 
human being she is becoming.  =)

 Kai is unbelievably creative...whimsical...loving...loyal...a little girl of few words 
most of the time....but when she's on she's on...I look forward to continuing this 
journey with her as she evolves into the person she was created to be...what a 
privilege...(and the awesome outfits she comes up with as she dresses herself.) 
... =)) ...and lets be honest...she's 8...not 5...I can stop dressing her like Raggedy 

Rabbit trails....sorry.  What I'm saying is I'm giving Kai freedom to dress herself...
and that means liquidating some of her least favorite pieces taking up space in 
her closet.

Each piece is handmade by me.  I use designer quilting fabrics.... they will all 
fit a big 4T - some 7 and 8's. Kai is tall for her age so most pants come to about 
mid calf on her...She has seriously worn each piece 3X at the most...and a few 
not at all!  The prices below the picture include shipping within the United 
States.  Message me on Facebook to exchange paypal accounts as well as shipping 
address. I will sell it to the first person to respond to me with their paypal account
... Please allow 2 weeks for shipment once payment is received...I'm out October 
17th - 28th.  Feel free to share this post with anyone you think may like this style 
for their little girl... Thanks!!

100% Sincere and not on my Sarcastic "A" game today,

Red Apron Dress with White Ruffled Pants 4T - 7T

Red Apron Dress 

Purple/Magenta Apron dress 5T-8

Purple/Magenta Apron Dress 

Upcycled t-shirt dress with pom pom detail on apron
Never worn...5T-8

Upcycled t-shirt dress with pom pom detail

Fully lined "Circus"  Dress  5T- 8


"Circus" Dress

Coral accented Apron Dress 4T-7

Coral accented Apron Dress

Coral accented Apron Dress

Hello Kitty upcycled Patagonia t-shirt dress
5T - 8

Hello Kitty upcycled Patagonia t-shirt dress

Velvet tunic with matching pants 5T -8
 never worn...FYI: these pants are long

Velvet tunic with matching pants

Purple Cotton Jumper 4T - 6

Purple Cotton Jumper
Back view

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