Friday, September 13, 2013

Tiki and Me

I'm sure that is not the grammatically correct way to say it, but today is Tiki and Me day.  When I wrote about him last in my "dead battery" post, I was so overwhelmed.  It's interesting that I knew I needed to take charge of the situation, but I wasn't ready. . .I was just too exhausted.  One of my life long friends even wrote me a beautifully encouraging email after that post and I couldn't even respond.  Well, I'm ready and I'm taking charge!!!

Yesterday I had an intervention meeting at school about Tiki.  I was in the conference room with the school counselor, school psychologist, principal, vice principal, ELL teacher, reading intervention teacher and Tiki's teacher.  Wow!  The big guns of Riverview!  It was a great meeting!  I felt listened to and I felt like they all knew and really loved Tiki!  I got to hear just how smart he is and it was great to hear that from school people!  Academically he is doing great (not totally caught up, but progressing nicely).  Behaviorally he isn't doing great, but not in a "bad kid" way, just in a "hyper and easily distracted kid" way.  And the best thing was how normal the school people considered it to be and how much they considered his background and didn't pass judgements on what kind of kid Tiki is.  I felt like they honored him (and me) very well.

The school psychologist was a huge help giving ideas and ways to implement those ideas.  He said some things that were so great for me to hear.  Tiki's teacher is amazing!  He is so willing to put all of the ideas into practice in his classroom.  I walked away both very impressed (for the very first time) and so ready to fight for Tiki!!!

Last night I had a great talk with Andy about Tiki and I felt very heard.  That gave me the last boost of energy and confidence I needed to really fight for my boy!

Today Tiki is home with me.  At school they are getting ready for him and I wanted him to have a fresh start on Monday.  Right now he is in a bubble bath with candles all around him and "Peace and Calming" oil in the bath.  He's been up there for nearly an hour.  I let him sleep in this morning, gave him a great breakfast and then he and I got on the Internet and decided on three great protein snacks that I could make and send to school with him each day next week.  I'm trying to make him feel empowered and heard.  When he is finished with his bath, we'll head to the store to buy the food and a couple other things he'll be needing. . .I want to involve him in the entire process!

So, baby steps, I know. . .left foot right foot, but finally I am putting one foot in front of the other in the proper direction for Tiki!  We'll see!  Prayers coveted!!!

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