Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Parents

Last weekend was a great time with family!  I've talked about that on several posts, but I haven't really highlighted my parents.  They are wonderful!  After working tirelessly all summer, they graciously open their house and their arms to their children and grandchildren and make us have the most fun week we could imagine!  They are exhausted and yet they cook and play and do whatever it takes to have fun!  We do all of the kids' camp laundry, we track dirt in the house, we spread toys all over the living room. . . we make a disaster wherever we all go (eleven grandkids worth of mess).  But, we also got to spend four days with them playing at K-Kaua'i and in the Party Barn and at Silver Dollar City. . .  laughing and making memories we won't forget. Then, as per our annual tradition, my Dad drove out to Colorado with us and we spent the day at Durango Mountain Resort.  My kids look forward to that time and so do I.  Thanks Mom and Dad for making us have the best six days we could ask for!  I love you both so much!!!

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