Wednesday, August 21, 2013


So, I think I heard God speak to me today (not audibly, but deep in my soul).  I feel like He is leading me to talk to women about courage.  What?  Me?  The most insecure person in the world speaking on courage?  Maybe He was just telling me to GET SOME (courage).  It was so strange and yet so clear.  I feel like we, women, lack courage today. . . mostly in terms of our self-image and our view of the way we feel others viewing us. . . .

I was walking around Kivu with a few ladies from a church who are going to be doing a retreat with us in September.  I was showing them all of our events that take courage such as our amazing zipline and our high ropes course and stuff and as I walked by the river, I felt him urging me to be brave (have courage) and talk to women. . . .

Yes, stand up in front of women (who would surely be judging me--I tell myself) and talk to them on the one topic I would be struggling the most with at that moment.  Seriously, God?!??!  Not only is my self-image the pits, but I cannot speak in front of people to save my life--I cry--ugly cry.

So, we'll see where this leads. . . where He leads.  This could be an interesting journey!!!!

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