Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thank You, Sophie Part II

Part two. . .did you go read the blog yesterday like I suggested (several times)? If not, go HERE!

Sophie and her parents (as I said yesterday) are teaching me so much about celebrating every single day.  Why does it take tragedy to remind us to make each day count?  Last year when Chase died (read HERE and HERE), it was terrible. But it was such a great reminder for me to make each day count and I feel like I made the most of each day this year with my kids as a result.  It was my "yes" year--my year to not have any "what if's."

I was talking to Andy yesterday about worry.  Right now he has a lot of things on his mind and a lot on his plate and he is worried and stressed about some stuff.  I was reminding him that these summer days with teenagers at our camp are his favorite days of the year.  He gets to teach every morning and counsel and bike with them every afternoon.  These are his best days and he is wasting them on worry. I was trying to encourage him that we aren't promised tomorrow, so enjoy today and don't let the stress rob you of your joy that could come this day.  October will be here eventually but today is here now!  I'm not sure if I did more damage or help with my "encouragement," but I believe it from the bottom of my heart.  Part of it is what I know in my heart to be true, but part of it was the reminder from Sophie and her parents.

We have no idea what tomorrow will bring, so don't waste your energy worrying about October.  I know that I often get caught up in next week and I miss TODAY.  How sad.  My kids will never be this age again.  Tomorrow they will be older, so live today making memories and having no regrets!

So, thank you Sophie (and Lindsey and Kevin) for the reminder to seize today and each day following!  I pray for you--for a miracle--but maybe the miracle has been every day for the past 20+ weeks of you being a part of this world. . . ?!? Thank you, Lindsey (and Kevin) for your honesty and your joy and your sorrow and your bravery to share your journey with friends, family and strangers.  You have been (and will continue to be) a blessing to so many!

Today I will make the most of, not because of Sophie but because it is what I should do every single day.

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