Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Summer Friends

I feel like I have been so blessed this summer to be surrounded by such amazing friends!  Aside from the fact that I get to live and work at a summer camp with my family, God has placed great friends almost fully in my home all summer long!

The first half of the summer the Blackwell family lived at Kivu with us.  Kelly is one of my dearest friends.  Kevin is a fun friend and biking buddy for Andy to have around--those two really enjoyed one another.  And their three kids are three of my kids best friends.  We got to spend more than a month together this summer!  Then I went to Uganda all by myself and made some of the neatest new friends from around the globe.  When I came home another one of my dearest friends (for almost 20 years) was here living with us at Kivu with her family.  I absolutely love being around her.  Our kids get along.  And my husband loves her husband--they laugh hard together and bike together.  I feel so blessed by friendship this summer!

Last weekend on our day off, the guys biked and the moms and kids headed to Purg to play and play we did!  We did the bungee tramp and the climbing wall and the new water hamster balls (whatever) and the alpine slides.  We laughed a lot.  Then we headed to Silverton to pick up our guys.

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