Tuesday, June 11, 2013

World Tour (Party)

Last night (here at Kivu), we went around the world.  This could have been one of our best parties in along time!  We got to start in Paris where we ate dinner and were serenaded by actual live music and it was really good.  They made the best Eiffel Tower out of this huge ladder and Christmas lights and they had a crepe stand.  It was super!  After dinner I left the party but the kids continued on to Moscow where they had a variety show and then to Cartegena where they learned to Salsa dance and they finished the party in Tokyo under the stars with a great all camp dance.  This party had fun and they had ever detail covered. It was amazing!

Dressing up was so much fun!  Maggie and I were so glad that we shopped so much in India last Fall because everyone had a super outfit from Jaipur (except for mine which was from Saudi).  I really loved last night and the outfits just made the super party perfect!
Have I mentioned that we are loving having the Blackwells here?  We are!  It has been just perfect having good friends to share the summer with!

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