Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Uganda 2.0

Wow!  I left only one week ago and it seems like it has been a year (for so many reasons)!!!

First of all, I am missing Andy and the kids so badly!  Internet hasn't been great, so I haven't talked to them but once and emails have been sporadic.  Today has been my first real homesick day and it isn't very much fun to be homesick.

Secondly, I have met so many amazing people and have made some really great friends!  I mentioned in my first Uganda post about many of the people I've gotten to know and the wonderful things they are doing around the world.  It is humbling and awe inspiring!  I'm the oldest one here in the program and they are all making such big differences in so many different countries!  Wow!  Two girls who are my neighbors in the dorm have been so great to me (even though they were born while I was at prom) and I've had a blast laughing with them until way past midnight every night.  (All of the girls in the dorm have been wonderful!)  They are from Georgia but they live in Kenya and they are neat neat girls!

Third, as I mentioned before, I changed my major (the day before classes began).  The International Development major that I was in was very interesting, but I was reading and reading and reading and writing and writing and writing and not being able to apply it to my life.  Now I am in Leadership and Organizational Development and it is a great fit.  We have already had 20 class hours in our first class which was Leadership and Empowerment and it was a wealth of knowledge!  I'm so excited for all I will be learning and applying over the next two years!  Tomorrow we start our 20 hour class on Applied Research and that seems a tad overwhelming. . . we'll see!

The ABU campus is beautiful.  They are self-sustaining, so there are cows and pigs and chickens as well as banana trees, mango trees, avocado trees and so much more!  The view is such a great African city view and I love waking up to it!  I haven't gone into the city of Kampala yet because we haven't had too much time and because I keep getting updates from the U.S. State Department that there is rioting going on, so we are recommended to stay on campus as much as possible.

I think the highlight is just being around so many people with such big hearts for God's Kingdom and God's people all over the world!  They are from so many different countries (the US, Kenya, Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, India. . .) and they are living in so many different countries (South Sudan, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Kenya, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Congo, India, South Africa. . .).  This is a great little UN of students in this program through Eastern University!

Three more days of class this week (long days) and then we're off to the Nile for rafting and paddle boarding!  Yipee!!!  Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures sometime!!!

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