Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sweet, Thoughful Tiki

So, because of my Master's class, I have to (get to) go to Rwanda next summer for three and a half weeks (I'm going to Uganda this summer).  My dream and hope and desire (and need?) is to bring all five of my kids with me next summer.  I want them all to see Rwanda.  I want them to really experience it and three and a half weeks is a great amount of time.  I want Gabby and Tiki to know the country where there were born.  And more than anything, I want Tiki to be able to have a great time there so that he can look back on the country of his birth with good memories and not memories of "dirt" and "mean people."  Rwanda is a beautiful country full of wonderful people and I want him to know and and love that Rwanda!

Anyway, we were in the car the other day talking about how we'll need to raise money this year and save our money this year so that we can all go to Rwanda next summer.  That discussion led to how we should bring a suitcase of stuff for the kids in his old orphanage.  Then out of NOWHERE, he (with great enthusiasm) said, "for my birthday next year I should have all the kids bring shoes instead of presents and we can take them to the kids (in the orphanage)!"  My heart melted and I almost had to pull the car over and just cry.  He is so generous and so thoughtful and so compassionate.  That almost made me cry.  And then to think about all of the things we could bring the kids, he thought about shoes. . . I wonder how badly he wanted shoes or shoes that fit or whatever when he lived there.

He's a great kid.  I love him!  I'm thankful for his big heart!  What a guy!

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Misty said...

That is super cool and oh so sweet. God has big plans for Tiki! It's pretty obvious.