Sunday, June 2, 2013

End Of School

School is finally out for the summer!  These last few weeks have been so long--living at camp and "commuting" to Durango each morning and afternoon. 

Anyway, the last week was full of field trips and projects (and skipping). 

Durango does this neat project called "Rites of Passage."  Ultimately it is a presentation that each student does at the end of his/her Senior Year.  But, starting in Kindergarten they begin to get prepared.  In Kinder, the student will do a "student led" conference and kind of "tour" you around his/her classroom so that you can see what they do in a day.  Then in several of the elementary grades, the students will actually lead the parent/teacher/student conferences.  In eighth grade, the student has to do a 15 minute multi-media presentation for his/her teacher and parents about what he/she learned in middle school and how that prepared him/her for high school and for "life."  When the Seniors do their projects it is 45 minutes (I think) and they invite their parents and their hero and their mentor and it is a really neat time.

Anyway. . .Thursday was Hays's 8th Grade Rites of Passage.  He worked so hard on it for several weeks and I was so proud of him!  He looked great--all cleaned up and dressed nice and with his clean and straight teeth freshly out of braces.  It was neat to hear what he feels about him self both personally and academically.  Part of his presentation was about Chase and all he learned from being his friend and watching him walk through cancer and then loosing him this year.  The tears (my tears) started then and continued as he talked about Gran'ma and how much he loves her.  It was a fantastic presentation and I'm so proud of him!!!
After that I headed to Gabby's end of the year party and then to Tiki's Georgia O'Keffee Art Walk.  They have been studying O'Keffee for about a month and they had different kinds of art (inspired by her) all over the school and he PROUDLY took me on a tour!  It was so much fun!
Tiki's Georgia O'Keffee inspired art!
All that said, school is finally over.  Hays is headed to High School, Maggie will be a seventh grader, Tiki and Dax are going to be third graders and Gabby will be in the first grade.  WOW!  Where has the time gone?

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