Thursday, June 13, 2013

2 Peas In A Pod

Gabby and Rae may be having the best summer ever!  I have to give 99.99% of the credit to Lesley for making every day more amazing than the day before.  They have a huge calendar of all of the free events in Durango and when they take place, then they have a wish list of things they want to do. . . meanwhile, Lesley keeps discovering more and more wonderful things for them to do around camp.  It's unbelievable!!!

Yesterday she made this thing. . . I'm not sure what to call it: slip 'n' slide meets the blob meets the glitter fairy.  She took clear painter's plastic and taped it together and filled it with water and food coloring and glitter and the girls played on it all day long!  It was the hit of the summer (so far).  Last night I walked in to Gabby's room and the three of them have blankets up like a fort and they are reading some of the zillions of library books they checked out and they are giggling and having the time of their lives.

What a summer!  They're so lucky to have each other and to have Lesley!