Saturday, May 25, 2013

To Medicate Or Not To Medicate

That has been my question for several years. . . about Tiki.  It's actually been my question since before Tiki.  I work in summer camping and I see thousands of teens who are medicated for one reason or another, so I've been thinking about over-medication for a long time.  Then God gave me Tiki and brought the question into my home.

I think that ADD and ADHD is misdiagnosed and over-diagnosed and so on and so forth in this country.  I have many thoughts about this, but they'll remain inside my head for now.

But I find myself with my wonderfully spirited Tiki.  And there is nothing wrong with his wonderfully spiritedness!  Nothing.  But I know for a fact that he is struggling with PTSD and through research and research, I am finding that his PTSD is presenting itself as ADD/ADHD.  He doesn't necessarily have those, but that is how the PTSD is presenting itself in Tiki.  So what do I do with that?

I've tried several things and I've been way too impatient with him in the process.  I'll admit that.  I put all kinds of things into practice and they don't work.  Tiki just needs help focusing.  He doesn't choose to get distracted, he just does. . . constantly.  He isn't a bad kid.  He doesn't have a disobedient bone in his body (okay, maybe one or two), but he doesn't intentionally try to do things wrong.  He just does things wrong.

So,  I've done more research and I've talked to more people and I've decided to try medication.  My pediatrician is also an adoptive mom and also the mother of a bio child with attention issues and she is married to a psychologist who has other thoughts on medication.  She has given me some great counsel and I am following it.  She says that it won't hurt to try.  She is willing to fight with me and work to find the perfect medication for Tiki at this point in his life.  And she is willing to see that maybe that isn't the solution if, indeed, it isn't.  But together we are going to see if maybe we can help Tiki with medications for now.

There is a small part of me that thinks I may be doing the wrong thing.  Is medicating my child right?  I'm not 100% sure.  But if this will help him have more success, then I want that for him.  But do I want that for him if the cost is medication?  See, I'm torn.  But I'm trying this option because I want him to be successful. . . God knows he tries hard enough!

So, as of yesterday, I'm medicating.  I feel like an awful mom just typing that sentence, but for now I'm trusting that I am doing what is best for my boy.  We'll see. . . .

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