Thursday, May 2, 2013


 Wow!  After one thousand five hundred and fifteen days on the market, our home in Branson is no longer ours.  What an answer to many prayers!

That house. . .if those walls could speak.  I built my dream home and I loved every ounce of energy I put into making every single part of it perfect!  I loved my gigantic kitchen where everyone could sit around the counter or in the comfy chairs and talk or watch TV or chat with me while I cooked.  I love all of the people who sat in that kitchen with me.  I love the full glass front door that open and closed so very often as people came in and out of that home.  I love the zebra carpet in Maggie and Gabby's room.  I love that the couch in the playroom was such a comfy place for so many past Kivu staff.  I love that our home was never just ours. . .Jarod Sickler lived with us for five years, Pete Majors lived with us for one year, Adam Martin lived with us for two years, LaVetta & JayJay & KiKi lived with us for nearly two months. . . and on and on and on.  I loved the yard that Andy worked endlessly on.  I loved my master bath with my big tub that hosted all of us (seperately) on many many occasions.  Bringing Dax home from the hospital into that home and bringing Gabby home from Africa to that home.  I love that the house was FULL of friends almost all of the time:  the Pierson family and the Blackwell family and the Nimrod family were very frequent visitors along with countless adoption groups and White Family dinners.  The Braner Family reunion and the Kanakuk friends.  The parties I threw just to throw a party (the cake party) and all the other reasons and non-reasons that my home was filled with laughter and love!  I love all of the memories I have from that house. . .the laughter and the home studies and the first steps and the love and the moments.  I thought this was going to be a big long post, but just writing about my friends and just typing the word "moments" sums it up for me.  Moments.  A gazillion moments that are all mine and will always be in my heart.

I loved that house.

I am so thankful that it is not ours now.  We prayed for more than four years that it would sell and today it sold and I am so very thankful.

I thought I'd be a little sad, but I'm not.  I'm just so grateful.  And I know I'll have those "moments" in my soul forever.  Those times in the green chairs with dear friends.  Those bath times with toddlers and bubbles all over the floor.  The band aids and the parties and the hundreds of Mazzio's pizzas that were delivered.  My moments. 

What a great home it was.  Thanks, house, for being my home!

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'becca nimrod said...

Praising & cheering with you. It was a home to me & my boys many nights we were in Branson. Thank you for the memories created, the open door, but mostly for loving us.

Lotsa love from NWA o DRO...