Thursday, May 23, 2013

Braces Off

Hays got his braces off yesterday and I think (know) that I was more excited than he was.  He asked my why that was so and I told him that I think that since he is my first that everything is also a first for me.  Hays was my first kid to get his braces off.  I was giddy!  (I'm sure I embarrassed him several times throughout the day.)

We got to the orthodontist office and they were clearly as excited as I was. . .the whole office was Luau themed for the "braces off" day.  Hays got a lay and was escorted to his chair.  After the braces came off he got a bottle of sparkling cider and a bag of all the candy he wasn't supposed to eat with braces.  He also got a Rocky Mountain Chocolate gift certificate and we headed straight there for a chocolate covered caramel apple!
The front door of the office. . . all the kids getting their braces off yesterday.

Hays looks adorable!  He's so grown up and so handsome!  His gums are still pretty irritated, but the swelling should go down in another week or so.

After that we went out for a big lunch (sushi).  I dressed up and everything. . .maybe I was too excited!  I loved my date with my boy! 
Then the excitement ended because poor Hays then had to go to the doctor and we found out that he has walking pneumonia so he went straight to bed.

So, my baby is finished with braces (one down and four to go).  I'm so proud of him!!!

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