Sunday, April 21, 2013

Walks With My Hubby

Andy and I have discovered "walks."  With five kids and 100+ days of travel each year, it is hard to find time for us.  Dinner dates can be expensive.  Once I put the kids to bed, I'm wiped out.  He is not a morning person.  Weekends are filled with kids and noise and wonderful chaos.  But we have found that when we take walks, we have 45 minutes of just the fresh Colorado mountain air and each other.  I love our walks.  They happen two or three times a month max, but they are so refreshing for me.  I love getting him to myself and I love the way I feel the stress leave his body as we walk our "circle" and talk to each other about the stuff and the junk.  I love to get to be his listening ear.  I love that he is my listening ear and I really feel like these walks are the only times that it is just us being us.  I love our walks and I hope they never stop!

Thanks for the walk today, sweetie!  I love you!

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