Saturday, April 20, 2013


We just had the most relaxing and fun family time!  It was top notch!  For over a year, we have been planning this fun Spring get away with my parents.  I researched so many fun places to accomodate everyone (my dad likes high adventure and my mom would rather read a book by a pool which is close to the ocean).  I had a blast planning the trip!  Unfortunately, my parents had to cancel, but they were gracious enough not to make us cancel, too!

So, I turned in all of my frequent flier miles I have been saving up to go get our China baby and we headed to Mexico!  Free trips are awesome and free trips with family are even better!  And free trips with family that are relaxing are bar none!

I think it was so relaxing because there was zero agenda.  We just were.  If the kids wanted to go to the pool, they could.  If they wanted to go to the beach, they could.  If they wanted to stay in the room, they could.  Nothing or everything.  And we slept 10-14 hours every night which really enhansed the feeling of relaxation.

We loved being our family!  We loved having Andy with us.  We all really enjoyed the time!  It was a ten! 
And then on top of the great beach part, we had a frequent flier miles bonus!  American frequent flier miles are not really easy to use, so our trip home went from Mexico to NYC where we had an 18 hour lay over and then we flew to Dallas before making it back to Durango.  Look at a map. . .weird.  However, we made the most of it!  A Kivu mom picked us up at the airport and then she and her daughter gave us the locals tour of the Big Apple.  We were walked out and we crashed hard in her home before catching our next flight.  NYC was the cherry on top of our great family vay-cay!!!

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