Monday, March 11, 2013

Science Fair, Ice Skating & An Igloo

The past few days have been full of fun memories! On Thursday, Maggie competed in the Regional Science Fair.  Her project was called "Chill Out" and it was testing to see if cookies tasted better according to how long the dough was refrigerated after it was made and before the cookies were put into the oven.  The result was that cookies do taste better if you refrigerate the dough for at least 12 hours after making it.  Who knew?  It was a fun project and not the least bit scientific, but she got 3rd place!  I was excited for her!  I also go to meet her BF, Drew.  He was awkward and embarrassed, but he handled meeting "Maggie's Mom" very well.  Poor guy.
On Saturday, Andy took Hays and Dax to the mountain and the other three spent their time ice skating with Lesley and building an igloo.  The ice skating was so much fun!  The kids all came back talking about what rock stars they are on the ice and the igloo making was hysterical!  They never really achieved the igloo dome shape, but their igloo had everything from a "sturdy" roof to carpeting inside.  They were over the moon!

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