Thursday, March 28, 2013

Honey Pot

People talk about how songs can bring you back to a certain place in history and make you relive emotions from that time period (true). . .today I had that happen to me without a song, though.  I took Emma to Honeyville (one of my favorite stores in Durango. . .they sell flavored honey) and I saw this honey pot and so many memories came rushing over me.
I was back in my Gran'ma's kitchen.  She and Pappy were both there.  She was washing dishes and Pappy was sitting on the blue stool and we were talking and laughing (Pappy was probably eating ice cream).  We three spent so much time there and I was back in a very happy place for a moment today!  Funny that in my memory I wasn't using the honey pot, but just seeing a honey pot made me think of being in the kitchen with Gran'ma and Pappy.  They had a cute little honey pot and it wasn't off limits.  I could get the honey as I liked and if I made a mess it really wasn't any big deal. . . we'd just clean it up.  I was so loved in that place and I knew it to my core.

So, I bought the honey pot today.  I brought it home and filled it with new honey and set it out on the counter.  I hope that I can remember that it isn't off limits to my kids and if they make a mess, we can just clean it up.  It will be a fun reminder to have in my house--kind of a past present and future item for me.

So, here's to honey.  Here's to memories.  Here's to love that never ever dies.

A day without a friend 
is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside.
-Winnie the Pooh

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