Thursday, March 14, 2013


We've had friends in all week and it has been so much fun.  I had big intentions of taking tons of photos, but I got plowed over by some Spring Breaker on the mountain and that ended my enthusiasm for picture taking!  Oh well.

The Pierson Family has four kids who are all my kids' ages and we have a blast together.  They've been at the mountain every day and I've let various of my children skip school on different days to board with them.  The weather has been amazing!

Last night was the highlight of the week for me.  We played Just Dance 4 on the Wii.  We had four remotes actively dancing, but it seemed like all nine kids were always dancing remotes or not.  It was a blast!  Everyone from ages five to 42 danced for three hours!  The kids spent time between on the floor laughing to sheer horror at their parents' dance skills (or lack thereof).  It was a super night!

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