Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fondue Friday

Valentine's Dinner (fondue) was such a surprising hit with the kids that they begged me to have Fondue Friday every week.  (Actually they begged for Fondue Wednesday, but I convinced them that Fondue Friday had a better ring to it.  And I am secretly hoping that when it comes time for dating to begin, my kids will remember how wonderful Fondue Friday is and ask their dates to our house.  Wishful thinking!)

We did a cheese course, skipped the main course and went straight into dessert (dark and white chocolate).  It was yummy!!!

We also invited the Lake family over for our first ever Fondue Friday.  The Lakes are a fun family who just moved to Durango.  They, too, have five kids so they don't think we're all that strange.  Just Mommy Lake (Ashley) and her three oldest girls came over leaving Daddy home with the two babies since Andy was out of town.  Our two families had a blast together!

Come join us for Fondue Friday any week!  I should probably create a web sign up because I can already her you knocking down my door!

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