Saturday, March 23, 2013

Crazy Whirlwind

Wow!  What a week!  Monday was a beautiful day in Durango!  The sun was out and it was so warm.  I took the three littles to the park after school to swing and they had a blast!
After I picked up the other two kids, we headed home to news that Andy (who was in Florida) had been run over by some sort of a tractor.  That's all the information I really got.  What in the world?!?!
This is the Twitter message I saw about his accident!
So, I spent the evening trying to process that and trying to figure out what to do. . . finally around one in the morning I decided to use frequent flier miles and go to Florida and see for myself how he was doing.  So I left the house at 4 a.m. and hopped on a plane across the country!  I met Andy as Urgent Care where he was getting x-rays and then the two of us headed back together to the camp where he was speaking.  It was fun to get to be with him and see him in his element that is not Kivu.  I stayed for about 24 hours and then I went to Orlando to see my brother.

Once I got to Orlando, I couldn't get into my brother's subdivision because I did not have a valid drivers license.  I just had a photocopy because I had left mine at the bank in Durango on Monday.  I showed the gate guard my US Passport, but he still wouldn't let me in.  Finally Brady arrived and he and I had a wonderful night of Wii Mario Cart,  dress shopping for Maggie and PF Changs!  I loved being with him.  We picked Jennafer up at the airport late Wednesday night and Thursday I left Florida.
I met Emma, my British "little sister" in the Denver Airport and we waited for our flight to Durango which was ultimately canceled.  We got a hotel and flew back to Durango on Friday morning.
Friday afternoon we picked up the kids (I love love love how excited they were to see me after four days of me just disappearing).  And then Friday night was the big Middle School Spring Dance.  Maggie and her friend, Fernanda, got ready at the house.  They both looked adorable.  I'm so shocked each and every day at how beautiful and grown up my little Maggie is.  Wow!  (She just "broke up" with her "boyfriend" Friday morning so I wasn't too worried about sending her to the dance looking like a super model. . .a different long story about a jerk of an eleven year old and how amazing my eleven year old is.)
Gabby sporting Maggie's purple/blue hair extension.  She was SO JEALOUS of all the attention Maggie was getting!!!
 After we picked the girls up, we came home for a late dessert only Fondue Friday!  We invited the Willis family over because we saw them at the dance and we all enjoyed strawberries, pound cake and Rice Krispy treats (made by Tiki) dipped in dark chocolate fondue.
Today I am heading to the Grand Canyon with Emma, Maggie and Fernanda.  I think it would be SO MUCH fun to stop at the Canyon, head to LA to dip our toes in the Pacific, stop by Vegas on our way home to ride New York New York (a super fun roller coaster) and then be home tomorrow night.  What a fun memory weekend.  But I need another driver for that trip and I can't find one.  Oh well. The Grand Canyon and back will be super fun!

So, that was my crazy whirlwind week.  Wow! 
 A cute picture of Gabby at ballet that Lesley took while I was gone!  I just had to share it!

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