Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Time Here So Far

 We've been having some good time with Gran'ma since we've been here!  It has been sweet and dear and sad.  On Saturday there were many tears by Hays and Maggie and Dax.  Hays shed tears for the sadness that has been Branson this year. . . coming back to say goodbye to his friend Chase and then just a few weeks later to bury him back in the Fall and now knowing that he is saying goodbye to his Grandmother are both big blows for him and yesterday was sad.  Maggie and Dax both had a time of mourning on Saturday knowing that this could be goodbye.  But yesterday was better with the tears out of the way!  The kids played Go Fish with her and Scrabble with her and they were laughing and telling stories.  It was the day I was hoping they would have with her!  She is such a dear lady and she loves so deeply and so well.  My kids know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are loved by her.

Tiki and I had a great moment on Saturday.  I could tell that he was feeling a little lefted out of the sadness.  For starters, he hardly knows Gran'ma.  He never lived in Branson and he never got to know the Gran'ma that the other three knew.  So I think he felt a little left out when the tears were flowing.  But he and I had a quick time of hugging and reassuring him that it was perfectly okay that he wasn't as sad.  It really was only about thirty seconds but it felt very special to me.

We've also had a fantastic time with my parents.  My dad goes all out for my kids!  He bought go carts and legit model airplanes and they went fishing in a boat. . . .  There are four wheelers and golf carts and an indoor trampoline.  My kids do not lack for activities when they are with my parents.  Being here is always a fun and refreshing get away for them.  I love it!

I love being in my parents' home.  I love being in my Gran'ma's home.  I love being in the woods all around this place.  I have so many happy memories here and I just love being here.  It's good to be happy here even though this trip is a little bit sad.  I'm blessed!
Everyone playing Scrabble.
Dax & Pops hanging out on Gran'ma's bed
Hays & Tiki walking up the road to Gran'ma's house. . .this road is one of my favorite places in the world!


Denise said...

You are one blessed lady Jamie Jo--so rich in family love!!! Praying for the rest of your time in Branson.

mandie lane said...

That picture of Dax and his Gran'ma is just perfection. Enjoy the rest of your time back home!