Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Brother, Brady

My sweet brother is a pastor.  That in itself blows me away because I think of him as so dear and quiet and behind the scenes.  But he's a pastor of a great church in Florida!  The church seems wonderful!  The people seem to be so excited about the fellowship and because of Brady and Jennafer, the community there at their church is better than family.  I love what I've seen of Brady's church (unfortunately only from afar) and I am so proud of my little brother!

Today is their one year church birthday celebration!  If you're in the Orlando area or if you are ever visiting Orlando, GO!  I don't think you'll meet a happier group of people than you will at Mosiac@WDW.  My brother is a great teacher, but I think the community of the church is probably what you will enjoy most.  (Click HERE for their website.)

Happy Birthday, Mosiac@WDW!  Some day I will get to visit!  And Brady, I am so very very proud of you!  Way to build a family!  I love you!

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