Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Home Is Like A Vacation

Well, we made it home from Branson and spent the weekend snowboarding.  The irony wasn't lost on me that we live in such a wonderful place that when we come HOME from vacation, we get to go to the mountain and snowboard.  So fun!  Saturday I boarded with Lesley and Hays and Maggie for a run or two.  I'm so slow and careful (still nervous about my knee) that I'm not very fun to board with for the big kids.  They humored me, though.  Then Sunday while Hays was at work and Maggie was with a friend, I boarded with Lesley and Tiki and Dax and Gabby.  I thought they'd be more my speed.  I was wrong.  Tiki and Dax were way too fast for me and they let me know it.  All in all, it was a super fun weekend with my kids!  The weather was perfect and the snow was perfect and the mountain wasn't very crowded.  I do love living in a ski resort town!
I love this picture of me and the littles!  Nuggets!
Waiting for the shuttle bus.
Gabby and Lesley

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