Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy February

It is February 2013.  How did this happen?  (January actually seemed to go by so slowly, but I cannot believe that it is actually February 2013.)  I'm excited for this month!

Tiki will turn 9 on Sunday and he has big plans for his birthday that I have yet to plan.  Every day his plans get bigger and more elaborate and every day he fails to do his part to make Sunday work out (for example, he promises daily to get me phone numbers for the friends he wants to invite to his big party. . .hasn't happened yet).  I'm not sure what we will actually end up doing, but I'll try to make a big deal out of it and hopefully he won't be too disappointed!

On Monday my dear friend, Beth Wiebe, is coming out to visit me for the first time since I've lived here.  I cannot wait!  I can't wait for her to see where I live now and what life in Colorado looks like for me. . .briefly!  I can't wait to have a friend here!  It will be much needed time!  Yipee!!!

My Valentine Cards go out and I'm very excited to get them in the mail!

February is the month of snow and we're thrilled!  The mountain got 37 inches of snow last weekend and January isn't even snow month, so we have high hopes for February!  We board every Saturday for sure and usually on Sunday.  February is snow boarding month!

For our Winter Break (yes, we get Christmas break,Winter break AND Spring break here) we are heading East.  We will spend most of the time in Branson and I cannot wait!  We'll get to go to "our" church that we miss so terribly!  We'll get to spend some time with my Gran'ma and I am so excited about that!  The kids are excited to see her, too (they were so upset when I made my mad dash back to Branson and didn't bring them).  We'll stay with my parents which is always a ten and we'll get to see dear friends!  Then we'll head to Tulsa to see Andy's parents for a bit and we are all excited about that, too!  It will be a great week (but a ton of driving that I am dreading doing alone. . .Andy will have to meet us there and then leave from there).

So, Happy February to you!

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