Sunday, February 17, 2013

Good Friends

Tonight my parents opened their house so that the kids best friends from Branson could come over.  It was so great to be together with good dear friends.  The Blackwell family and the Pierson family came over and it was the best four hours we could have asked for!  Twelve kids bouncing on the trampoline and playing together. . .the laughter was so loud but in the most wonderful way imaginable!  I miss friendships like those that were in this house tonight!  Two of my dearest friends are the mothers of my kids friends and that made the time all the more sweet!  It was a great night of laughter and just being known and loved.  I think it was refreshing for all of us (even though there were a few teary goodbyes)!  What a night!  Thanks, Kelly and Melissa for bringing your kids over!  Thanks GoGo and Pops for letting us invade your home.  Tonight was a TEN!

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