Sunday, February 17, 2013

Braner Cousins

Well, after 28 hours we finally made it to Branson.  Wow.  It was a long trip and the first time I've done it without a driving helper.  It was just me and the kids and Baylor.  We made great time on the road, but we stopped to sleep and we stopped in Tulsa for an hour because their Braner cousins were there and we hadn't seen them in more than three years (we hadn't even met one of them yet). 

I loved seeing the cousins together!  They had a blast playing and running.  It was a perfect road trip break!  Nine grandkids on the Braner side and we had to get tons of pictures!  I hate it that they hardly know each other and I'm not quite sure why we don't get together more, but I take what I can get and I loved seeing them yesterday!  Cousins!

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