Thursday, February 14, 2013

Best V-Day Ever!!!

Today was literally the best Valentine's Day ever!  Ever! 

It started off a little early with roses on Tuesday from Andy--what a fun surprise!!!  Then last night Andy and I got a date night and we had a fantastic time together.  We needed time to reconnect and to talk and to laugh and it was a great time.  Sometimes its hard when he is gone all of the time, but times like that make it alright.  I really am more in love with my husband than I have been in a long time!!!
This morning the kids woke up to Valentine's gifts ranging from boxer briefs to swim suits to "loved" t-shirts to a new phone (Hays).  They got to pick their own special breakfast and it was an easy school morning (as easy as a school morning can be).
 The three littles took their fun Valentine's cards to school.  I've never really been uber-creative with school Valentine's cards, but this year I was inspired!  (My family V-Day cards were my favorite this year, too!)
I then baked six dozen polka dot cupcakes for school Valentine's parties.  The pre cake I baked earlier this week was a good learning lesson and the cupcakes turned out much better!  They were fun to take into the school for my kids!
But dinner was the HIGHLIGHT!!!  I did a "The Melting Pot" recreation.  I was super excited about it, but I kept my excitement in check knowing that usually the things I think will be great family things are flops.  BUT NOT TONIGHT!  It was perfect!  I had two cheese fondues with bread (lots of bread) and apples.  Chicken Caesar salad in the middle.  And then dessert was amazing!  Sparkling grape juice in cute little glasses as I brought in the three different chocolates.  We turned the lights off and lit one of the chocolates on fire. . . en flambe!  Seriously!  It worked!  We had strawberries, marshmallows, cheese cake, rice krispie treats and pound cake to dip in our three chocolates.  The kids were great and it really was a ten. . .maybe a seventeen.
So, Valentine's Day was super great!  I'm so happy and I'm so thankful for my family!  LOVE!

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