Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas Cards

Each year I hate throwing away all of the fun Christmas cards we get.  I love seeing the faces of my friends and their families and I usually keep them in an "everything" drawer until I just have to toss them.  This year, it came time to toss and I just couldn't do it.  I felt like I hadn't had time to enjoy them. . . .

So, they're all up!  I love it!  It isn't pretty and it isn't professional and it isn't a lot of things, but I love it!  So, thanks for all of the Christmas cards and New Year's cards (and thanks in advance for the three Valentine's cards).  I love seeing your faces!

Happy Just Because Day!
You can see the space I left on one window for my Valentine's Cards I'm anxiously awaiting!


Heather Calvert said...

I keep a "friendship board" in our kitchen. Each year I clip pics from christmas cards and leave them up to remember friends near and far all year. New pics replace old and favorite memories stay...just use a cloth and ribbon bulletin board I found on sale cheap.

mandie lane said...

Lovely! Ours are still up, too. They're too pretty to take down. EXCEPT we seem to be missing Braner faces on our wall! Sob.