Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Missing Boy

There is a 13 year old boy that has been missing from Vallecito (the lake that Kivu uses) since just before Thanksgiving.  I hate it.  Being a part of a community (sort of) where a child has gone missing is terrible.  There are signs everywhere and I wonder about him all the time.  They are dredging the lake again just in case.  It is horrible.  I am aching for his parents and his brother.  It is heart breaking.  I think about my kids all the time.  I am trying not to become a spaz when they are doing "normal" stuff like walking to the Rec Center or whatever, but it is hard.  My worst fear in the entire world is that one of my kids would be kidnapped.  The not knowing would drive me completely out of my mind.  YUCK.  So, my heart hearts for Dylan's parents.  I just wonder where in the world is he?  I wish they would find him safe and sound and not at the bottom of the lake.  I wish they would find something.  I cannot imagine living without knowing. 

Then I googled missing children this morning.  The website I went to said that there are over 800,000 missing children reported each year (that is nearly 2,200 every single day).  Twenty-five percent of them are taken by a parent or relative, but the other 75% are not.  Yucky statistics.  And I hate it because it makes this Dylan case just another case and I fear that it won't seem important to people.  Again, I'm so torn up about this missing boy that I don't even know how to process it sometimes.

There's my depressing post for the day.  Sorry.


Juanita said...

Thanks for posting this. I just spent time praying for him and his family. I don't know what situation could keep him missing for so long, but I pray that God is keeping him safe and that he will be reunited with his parents very very soon! Thanks for posting this so that people around the world can pray for this boy. Please let us know if you hear any new information.

Denise said...

I remember while pregnant with Cassie Jo that something like this happened in Flagstaff. I was seriously looking for the child at every turn. I know how you feel. Praying for Dylan and his family and your heart too.