Saturday, December 29, 2012

Another Great Day In Cabo

This day came to a close at the spa (thank you, Mom) and there isn't much more I need to say.  The end.  Woke up to a beautiful sun rise at the beach, hung out with my family, hot stone massage at the end.  YES!!!

We are having a great time here.  We all needed this break and we are all enjoying it!  Hays has been golfing with Andy and with my dad.  They have all been total beach bums in the ocean and the pool has been fun but definitely holds a distant second to the beach this year!

Gabby has lost two teeth since all of these pictures were taken (yesterday) and all of the sudden I have lost my last baby.  It is unbelievable.  Yesterday she was still a little girl and today she is so grown up and I hate it.  I can't believe the difference baby teeth make.  Yesterday she had a couple and today she has none (she still has a few, but most of them are either big teeth or gone and I'm so sad).  My babies are all growing up and it is happening faster than I could have ever imagined!!!  Are we in Cabo for Gabby's destination wedding all ready?  Maybe.

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