Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Impressed By My Kids

Today was a great ride to school!  (Note that we were a car divided about who we wanted to win the election.)  We had the best discussion about the election and what a MESS Facebook is today as a result of the election.  My kids are wise beyond their years and they have such better perspective than most of the adults on Facebook.  I love it.  The spewing  on Facebook is both disappointing and hysterical and it made for a great talk with my kids this morning!  Here is what we came up with (this was the result of a lengthy discussion by six equal people ages five to thirty-seven):

1.  God is still in control.  The kids were hysterical about this point.  They were laughing about all of the things people were writing that made you believe that God hopped off the throne yesterday (went on vacation maybe?) and then came back to "work" only to realize that everything falls apart with Him.  Nope.  He was on the throne yesterday and He is on the throne today.  He is still in control and that is so comforting!  (Folks, my kids came up with this!)

2.  PERSPECTIVE!  We spent a lot of time on this!  One kid talked about how so many people are talking about what a dark day this is and then we all threw out ideas on what a dark day actually is.  Here were some things that got thrown out by my children:  two of my dear friends have had to bury their children (my son buried his best friend).  September 11th.  My favorite one that my kids thought of was when someone looks at you in eternity and says, "why didn't you tell me the truth?  You were so busy writing hateful things on your wall and you never told me about the Truth.  And now look where I'm spending eternity."  The PERSPECTIVE talk was incredible!  My kids get it!

3.  And then my favorite part of our talk was about how so many people on Facebook are going on and on about this one man.  Well, if one person can change the world, then BE THAT ONE PERSON!!!  Be the one person who can change the world!  Adopt!  Help with orphan care!  Get involved in the US foster care system.  Take cookies to the retirement home.  Go serve meals at the soup kitchen.  Be a light in your school.  Everyone seems to be freaking out about this one person when each one of us can be one person.  Go change the world!

So, that was our talk.  I'm impressed by my kids!  They're awesome.  They're wise!  I'm disappointed (but sadly not shocked) by the ridiculousness on Facebook.  Americans exercised their rights yesterday and they re-elected President Obama.  That's America!

Thank you, God, that you are in control and that you have blessed me with amazing children!

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~ko said...

Loved this post! So spot on!!! I'll be sharing it with Bill when he gets home!