Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend With Andy

This past weekend Andy and I got to spend some much needed time together.  We headed to Denver for our Kivu board meeting and had two nights away from the kids.  It was so good to be together.  Sometimes I really miss him even though we live in the same house. . .it's just that we live in the same crazy house and we seem to be moving in fast forward (or 4X for those of you DirectTV people).

We also got to have dinner with some of our favorite people who were in town from Saudi.  We ate at my favorite restaurant (The Melting Pot) and spent nearly four hours laughing and eating and talking and eating and laughing and eating.  It was the perfect evening!

Thanks, Andy, for the dates this past weekend!  I love you!

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Anonymous said...

You two are just beautiful... and so are all your babies.

If I knew you in real life i'd ask you all if it was painful to be so pretty..... :-) just a little humor. blessings on all of you in Jesus Name