Monday, October 22, 2012

The Cone Of Shame

Baylor got fixed this week.  No wandering man dog for us this go around!  The kids have been so funny about his surgery.  Tiki is so confused as to why we would do that and often looks at me when he asks "why?" with a weird fear in his eyes like we may do it to him some day.  Gabby said, "he got hes balls cut off!"  Hysterical (and inappropriately worded for many of you readers out there, sorry, welcome to our home)!  He hates the Cone of Shame (as do all dogs, I think).  He just looks so humiliated.  The first two days were so funny because he would lie on his bed and just whimper.  We googled to see if he was in too much pain and learned that he just needed attention.  So true!  Big baby!  (Kind of reminds me of when Andy got "fixed.")

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Anonymous said...

"He's got his balls cut off" HA HA HA!!! best line I've read all day! Awe... poor doggie.... such a cute post, thank you!