Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Maggie's First School Dance

Maggie went to her first school dance on Friday night. . . and I missed it (add that to the list of "issues" she'll discover in counseling later in life).  Lesley did an amazing job (of course) making it special and getting her ready and taking tons of pictures for me.  (Have I mentioned lately that Lesley is wonderful?)

Maggie was beautiful!!  Oh my!  When Lesley emailed me the first pictures I was blown away.  She was breathtaking!  I was so proud of her and I just wanted to show everyone I ran into the pictures of my beautiful girl. 

Maggie and two of her friends got ready together, went to the dance together and then came home to an ice cream Sundae party (put on by Lesley).  They had a blast!  I think she'll remember her first school dance for a long time (and if she doesn't, it will be in photos forever)!

Thanks, Les, for making it perfect.  And, Maggie, you're a show stopper!  You're beautiful!
Apparently Gabby was feeling very left out, so she headed to her room and had Tiki help her get her princess costume down.  She put it on all by herself (tiara and all) and came down to be a part of the excitement!
Lesley was trying to make the girls have some personality in their pre-dance pictures!


Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous! I am pregnant (due Jan 19th) with our first daughter... She will be named Margarita after my husbands mother. We are excited to greet our little Maggie very soon.

Denise said...

Maggie is SO pretty! In these pictures, I think that half the time she looks like Taylor Swift and the other half Andy! So funny that sometimes our kids are the spitting image of us and other times their dads :)