Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Pops!

Today is my Dad's birthday!  Fifty plus Hays is his age!  He's a wonderful man.  Many of you know "of" him.  Lots of you know him.  He's amazing and I love him so much!  He is so sensitive and compassionate and thoughtful and unselfish.  He is giving and caring and a big dreamer!  He loves me big. . .so big.  I never wonder.  He is man of God who set the bar of integrity high and sticks with it.  He is a go getter and a doer. . .he is wonderfully exhausting!  My kids adore him and I am so thankful that he gives so much of himself to them.  I'm thankful that they have a Pops who loves them with his whole big heart!

I love you, Daddy.  Happy Birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Your dad has a fantastic smile!