Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Effects" of Fall Colors

Well, I'm trying really hard not to be too frustrated at my camera right now.  This weekend Andy and Luke did their annual Fall Colors bike ride to Ouray and we were their support car.  I love the fall ride because it gives me an excuse to drive up the mountains and take pictures.  And we go to the hot springs afterwards which is a bonus because then the kids want to make the drive and therefore I get great fall colors with my kids in the pictures.

Anyway, I plugged in my camera this morning only to find that my pictures are much less than perfect because somehow I had my camera set on "effects."  Bugger!  Oh well, nothing I can do now.  So, here are my pics. . . . (weird)
This could have been a super pic!  All smiles & pretty color.  Bummer.  Now it just looks like a bad coloring book and Tiki looks like a bad Michael Jackson impersonator.  What in the world?!?

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