Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yellow Door

 This weekend was project weekend around the Braner household.  We ripped up carpet and painted walls and moved furniture and painted our porch.  But my favorite task was painting our front door yellow!  I love it!  We went from a blue house with a red porch and door to a blue house with a coffee porch and a yellow door. . .so much better!

I love the door because it makes me smile whenever I come home.  It makes me so happy!  I've never had a front door make me happy or sad or any other emotion, but this bright yellow front door, shouts, "WELCOME HOME" to me and I love it!

Come visit!


'becca nimrod said...

I love your yellow door too! The 2nd change to our house we made was painting the front door. I'd dreamed of a home with a bright red door for as long as I could remember. Sometimes it's the smallest of changes which make the biggest of smiles. May those who enter through your yellow door feel the warmth and love I know your home holds. xo from east to west.

~ko said...

I adore this!!! Yay for bright, happy colors! And the porch! What an inviting place to sit and drink coffee :)