Sunday, September 23, 2012

Road Trip Across India

Oh my goodness!  It is a miracle that we did not have at least four thousand head on collisions today and I am not exaggerating.  The driving is so crazy here and it is such a different crazy from Thailand or Saudi or the Philippines or the US. . . I'm not even sure I can describe it.  It is a big game of chicken, but at the very last second both parties swerve and everyone is so patient and unaffected by the terrible driving.  In the US everyone would be mad at the other drivers and in Saudi it is a big testosterone fest but here it is just a friendly deal.  Weird.  And then the cows. . .we were driving 120 km/hr down this road and cows just trot out whenever and you have to swerve as to not hit them and hope that you don't hit a motorcycle or a bus in the process.  Very crazy.

We made it from Jaipur to Agra, though.  Hands down Jaipur is the best city on the trip.  I really wish that I had six weeks, a camera and a moped to truly catch all I saw.  I love it there and my words and my pictures will never do it justice.  It is in my mind forever, though. 

I've had a super time with Maggie.  These memories are memories we will share for the rest of our lives!  What a blessing.  And Wendi has been the best travel companion!  She is fun and easy and free.  I've loved every second we've been together!
This was the greeter at our hotel in Jaipur.
This is one of the market stores we spent far too much time in today. . .or it could be a picture of everything I have purchased on the trip, I can't really tell the difference!

Wendi posing.  Craig (her hubby) was wanting to see more pictures of her!

More shopping!  We have had a blast together in the bazars!!!

This picture does not capture the laughter in this moment.  There is a cobra in the basket and they told me I could pet it.  When I went to pet it, the snake (named Julie) acted like it was going to strike at me and I panicked and punched the guy in the mouth. . .full on middle knuckle to the top lip.  I felt so bad and we laughed so hard!  Oh my!
Tomorrow is the Taj Mahal.  Oh my!  I have wanted to see this for as long as I can remember and I cannot wait.  We may be wearing our saris tomorrow. . .I'm a little nervous about that. We'll see if I'm brave enough to wear full on traditional Indian wear. . .the above picture is about as brave as I am (and I happen to really like that top and scarf).  So, more pictures to come!

Family, I miss you!  I wish the time wasn't so weird so that we could chat more.  Sorry.  I love you all so much!  Email me!

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