Sunday, September 9, 2012


I really have always hated the RIP thing.  I have no idea why.  I think because it makes me think of Halloween decorations in people's yards (Cliff Drive growing up or something).  I don't know. 

Today Hays buried his best friend.  My friend, Melissa, buried her son.  Sweet Maddie buried her big brother.  And many other people buried someone dear to them. . .Chase Pardeck.  (If you're a faithful blog reader, you may be tired of this subject, but I'm not apologizing.) 

When Chase died last week I saw "RIP Chase" all over Facebook and I cringed, but after this weekend, my heart has changed!  I don't like RIP.  Its yucky.  But I really do like Rest In Peace.  And it isn't even trite to my ears in Chase's case.  He so wasn't resting in peace, especially in the end, and today he is (and has been for several days).  Chase truly is (finally) resting in peace.  His body doesn't hurt and he has been freed from cancer. . .he conquered it!

So, REST IN PEACE today (and forever), Chase.  We love you! 

You touched so many people!  Hays and Andy told me that your visitation was packed and that your service was also packed.  I love the impact you made on people of all ages. . .especially your peers.  You changed so many people's lives and they will be better because of you!

Melissa, I have been hurting for you all day.  I cannot shake it.  Maggie and I left church and just held each other and cried in the lawn for an hour this morning.  I've cried for you many other times today.  I hope I never have to do what you just did.  And I heard you did it with grace and dignity and charisma!  I heard you were breath taking as you talked about your boy.  I hate it that I missed it!  I hope that tonight you can rest a little bit in a tiny bit of peace knowing that your boy is finally peaceful.  I can't imagine how you'll do it.  It would take tons of medication for me, I think.  I just hope that somewhere amidst the hurt and the broken heart that there is comfort.  Love you!

Rest in Peace Chase Scott Pardeck.  Your legacy will never die.  Love you, buddy!

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