Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Perfection In Paris

We hopped on the fast train from Dusseldorf at the crack of dawn and made it to Paris before lunch.  (I love Europe!)  The day started out perfectly--the donut guy gave us donuts in the train station even though they weren't open yet and Carolin and Maggie and I all matched one another and matched the train seats (it doesn't get any better than that)--and it kept getting better from that point on.

Carolin booked us the most adorable hotel on the cutest little street.  The room is adorable on the top floor (we feel a little bit like princesses) and right when we step out of the door onto the street, we look to the left and there is the Eiffel Tower.  Perfect!

The day began cloudy and as soon as we got to the very top of the tower, the sun came out and it was perfect!  We loved the Eiffel Tower and our walk all around Paris.  Then it started raining as we were heading to the Champs de Elyssee to take a picture for Andy.  So, we headed back to the room for an early dinner in bed (tarts from a little bakery down the street).  The perfect ending to the perfect day in Paris (say it "Pair-ee" and it sounds better).
Our adorable room!
This picture was taken about three blocks from our perfect little hotel on the perfect little street in the perfect little location in Paris!
From the top of the Tower
Sainte Chapelle . . . BREATH TAKING!!!  The sun wasn't out so it was a little dark, but it literally took my breath away!

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Denise said...

What an AMAZING trip!!! SO happy for you guys!!