Saturday, September 8, 2012

One More Thought

I just remembered one of the other things I've been thinking of:  Andy.  What a great dad he has been for Hays through all of this.  So many of the guys are heading to the visitation and the funeral with their moms.  I think that's great.  We moms kind of need to be there for Melissa and be there for us and be there for our sons, but I am so thankful that my boy is there with his dad (as much as I wish I were there).  Hays gets to be there with his dad.  He gets to sit by his dad and cry WITH his dad.  He gets to see a man whom he respects cry and he gets to cry with him.  He saw a many he respects put money and prior commitments aside completely this weekend and fly across the country to take his boy to say goodbye to his friend.  Hays is getting to share this with a man.  I don't think there is anyone in the world better that gets to be by his side than his dad.  I'm so thankful for my man and my growing up man.  You both are amazing.  I love you both.  I'm proud of you both.  Thank you, Andy for being this man for your boy!

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