Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Pics From Bangalore

Today there is some national (or state-wide. . .we aren't really sure) strike against the government.  Everything is closed and taxis aren't running.  We have been told it isn't very wise (due to safety) to go out today.  So we're staying in.  (Please, all moms and other overly concerned friends, don't worry.  We are fine and enjoying the day to relax.)  Since we're in, I downloaded pictures off of Wendi's camera and I will share some with you now!

Staying in.
Our Tuk Tuk ride.  This one was fairly uneventful, but our ride home was out of control!

I couldn't believe that the name of the McDonald's "burger" (non cow meat) is the Tikki Burger.  Its spelled wrong for our Tiki, but it is still so fun!

This picture is just of the street, not the guy picking his nose!
Tomorrow we are headed up north.  We will start in Jaipur and move to Agra and then to Delhi over the next few days.  I cannot wait to see all of the famous Indian sights this weekend!  Signing off for now!

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